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June 20, 2013
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HMLS : Orion Stavros by nekoyasha89 HMLS : Orion Stavros by nekoyasha89
:new: UPDATE!! change it with new Appsheet, and re-shading it :rofl: :new:

OC for :iconhmls:

Name: Orion Stavros [Ωρίων Σταύρος]

Nickname: Rion

Age: 26 years old

Position: Duce of V area/division

Your Real Life Job: Consultant and owner of small cafe on the town.

Gender: Male

Constellation Pocket Watch necklace
>> Used to stop the time in limited period, to avoid something bad that will happen like what he sees in his mind.
>> If necessary this pocket watch can change into scythe to protect themselves, the scythe itself have a dark aura that can make the enemy paralyzed when touch it. This weapon sure is strong but it have limit for 1 hour, and after using it, Rion need a day off to recover his stamina, because this scythe consume his life energy. So after use that weapon, he will just stay at somewhere safe to rest, that's why he rarely make his pocket watch transform, since he can be bored if just laying on the bed for a day to gain his energy back. Actually there's a condition that can make his energy back faster, and his first viciu know about it ;p //slapped

:bulletgreen: Read the mind
>> Since it was his ability so he can read whether human or magus mind around him if he want to read it.
:bulletgreen: Read an accurate prediction by constellations.
>> He can predict what's gonna happened in the next 1 hour using constellation. This skill help him to avoid what he doesn't want to happened #slaped
:bulletgreen: Stop the time
>> By using his Pocket Watch he can stop the time 10 minutes. He always use this skill to escaped #kicked
:bulletgreen: He can use his blood as an ether for any wounds to protect the magus on battlefield

Where he born and where he comes from is unknown, all he know is, he was adopted by an oldman who lived alone and was raised by him. He passes his days with his adoptive grandfather until one day, when Orion was 7 y.o. a young-looking boy with white hair come to him and said that Orion was the offspring of Greece Duce. That time Orion deny about that fact and said Wiley (that young looking boy names) was lying then drove him away and told him to never see him again. After that day, that young-looking boy name Wiley never appear again in front of him. Until one day, a group of man wearing a black suit attack his adoptive grandpa house. They were looking for Orion and said they have to kill him because his presence makes the earth in danger. His grandpa protect him and told Orion to runaway. His adoptive grandpa died because of that night accident.
After that night, Orion was living on the streets without direction. Every person he met, ignore him and that happened for a year. Until one night, he dream about his anchestor that told him, that he's an offspring of the previous duces. On the dream that man give him a pocketwatch. He said that pocketwatch is his weapon. Next day when he wakes up, that pocketwatch already on his hand, and that young-looking boy already in front of him, ask Orion to stay with him and learn how to use his ability well. Since then he live with Wiley. Wiley told him that Orion's anchestor left inheritance very much to him. Wiley was living with Orion on Verde Villa until Orion found his own Viciu and Magus while teach Orion how to handle his ability.

:bulletgreen: He's a simple yet serious type.
:bulletgreen: Friendly > Easy smile toward someone he just meet.
:bulletgreen: He's somehow mysterious.
:bulletgreen: He always trolling some of his Viciu and magus, but actually deep inside his heart he's really care about them.
:bulletgreen: His bad behaviour-- running away when things doesn't like what he expected, then ask Wiley to do what he told lol, he's the type who avoiding trouble :iconsrapplz:
:bulletgreen:Just let it flow is his motto lol.

:bulletgreen: Height : 185cm / Weight : 68kg
:bulletgreen: He wear 5 piercing, 3 in his left ear, 1 in his bottom lips, and 1 in his right ear
:bulletgreen: Coffee addict-- He likes to drink coffee, when day off he always visit his cafe with his motorcycle then drink coffee at his own cafe lol or maybe when h
:bulletgreen: He likes to travelling to other country with his motorcycle (even if it's far he will bring his motorcycle with him :rofl:) he is an streetbiker when he was 19 tho-- but he's out because he know it's enough to life freely like that and focus to search on magus and back to where he belong, Verde.

HMLS: Orion's RelationshipsJust gonna put some Orion's Relationship with other magus on :iconhmls: RP Group
i made this journal and write like Orion's point of view.
Hi, Orion's here. Live at Greece's magus HQ, Verde Villa with other maguses from V Area. Let me introduce you with them :

Well.... Let's start from my Vicius first,
:bulletorange: Cleon Euphemios (c) ahoguu
My first Viciu, i found him on the street when i was stopped by to buy some bread. He's actually a very cheerful kid, and pretty innocent too. I was a bit surprised when know he's 17 years old hahaha.. ^^; but yeah, he makes the HQ more alive with his behavior. He always cling on me, and want to follow whenever i go, isn't he so cute? make me want to ki--- ahh.. never mind... ^^
:bulletorange: Irene Athanasius (c) Yukinechii

My second Viciu, i found her being chased by some villager. When she's running i can see the tattoo on her

In this world, there are things that better to told, and better to be keep it as a secret. So you must know your choice before you make any mistake.
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Miitee Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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